Constantly asking on my bedrooms blog, how to decorate a room without windows. This is a problem as there should be a window in each room for air and light quality, but sometimes, for some reasons, bedrooms have no windows at home and we don't know what to do or what to put in these room to have proper ventilation and lighting. Here I have some ideas that may serve you to solve this little problem:
- If any wall of your bedroom, is beside to any room, as a corridor or passageway that actually has ventilation, open a hole in the top and put a sliding window. That way you're feeling light and ventilation. In addition, since they are in the top of the wall, you will not see anything from one room to another and your privacy would be safe.
- If you still need light, despite the suggestion above and want to expand the window, you can make a bigger window using glass blocks in the entire wall to let light, and only on top of the wall would be the hole where the air flows through.
- If you only want to simulate a window, use a mirror in front of where light goes in. Then, put a frame around the mirror, so it will look like a windows and create enlightenment.
Another way to simulate windows, is sticking vinyls to give the illusion that there is a good window view. We can also paste murals with beautiful landscapes and sites, creating a framework, illuminating and giving them half-curtains, as we see in this picture (Quarto do Casal by architect Bia Barreto)
-To remove the feeling of confinement and oppression that gives us a room without windows, a good alternative is to place on the wall or the headboard of your bed, a giant poster with motifs of landscapes, open spaces or whatever you like. The idea is to create your own windows with art, which will represents an open window with good energy. Lights in strategic locations, with various LED lighting systems or energy-saving lights.
- Regarding color, if the bedroom is small, closed and dark, no doubt I would paint white the dorm since it gives feeling of spaciousness. Also put a lot of bright illumination.
- If you can not do anything on the walls, maybe you can do something on the roof. You could put a skylight with polycarbonate or glass, with a good structure to then not have problems with leaks or rain. Look at an example: BEDROOM WITH WINDOW ON THE ROOF.
- Artificial light can give us good lighting, but if we can not do any of the above, you can create an air duct into the bedroom.
- Another option, without much privacy, is to place curtains instead of doors, to feel the presence of a window when you close them.
- To improve air quality, you can use essential oils. To improve the quality of light, always keep in mind additional lighting.
- If in addition to the absence of windows, your bedroom is small, I recommend you also see my other article: HOW TO DECORATE SMALL BEDROOMS
I hope you serve any of these ideas and if you have more ideas to share, just write them down in the comments section...

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  1. Excelent ideas!! I'm going to try some for my new small bedroom without windows, thanks a lot!!


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