Relaxing bedrooms. To know how to choose colors to paint your bedroom, you must first identify the atmosphere you want to feel when you enter your room, because the paint color, will help achieve different environments, such as a romantic bedroom, an elegant room or a relaxing dormitory.

People always recommend that you have to find the most relaxing color for your bedroom. Each color has a subtle impact on our mood and wellbeing.
But, how to paint a bedroom to make it relaxing? What color should I paint my room to get a relaxing effect?.. This is what people usually ask me, and it is true that there are some colors that produce that sensation, but you have to ask yourself, what colors make you feel relaxed?. Some tips here according to what I could find on internet:

- Green is half cold and half hot color, so you can say it is very versatile, and can work giving vitality to the area with lime tones, as calm and cool with lighter versions

- Cold colors for bedrooms are always a hit because they are the most restful and relaxing colors. For example, blue and green in their colder versions bring calm, ease and serenity

- Mauve color, a trendy color, in all its versions, creates a calm and introverted place. In its clearer versions is ideal for working areas and very feminine bedrooms. And its most intense versions aver very elegant.

- The colors that suggest chrome-therapists are purple and pink in you want to promote sleep in general, and specifically brown for people with anxiety and stress. You have to be careful with blue and green, although they are two relaxing and sleep-inducing colors for most people, it seems that they affect depressed people negatively.

- To achieve all these requirements, the best option is to paint the walls with neutral colors: white, cream, beige and depending on the mood you want to provoke, choose the bedspread on different pastel colors: white, purple, brown, green or blue.

- Painting a wall of soft blue-turquoise, like the Caribbean Sea, looks great in teenage bedrooms and also for adults looking for relaxed environments. This is because blue has a calming effect. It is commonly associated with physical security and strength. It makes you feel calm and peaceful. It is reserved and seems to move away. Blue can express confidence, booking, harmony, affection, friendship, loyalty, and love. It is a soothing color, decreases blood pressure, lowers blood pressure and decreases your appetite. The blue color will give you peace and relaxation naturally. It is ideal for bedrooms full of sunlight, as it produces a cooling effect. It also gives you a feeling of spaciousness if you have a small room.

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